Thursday, October 9, 2014

User Profile Synchronization Service Gets Stuck on Status Starting

I recently came across this issue
when provisioning the User Profile Service in SharePoint 2010.
For some reason once you provision the User Profile Service Application
the User Profile Synchronization Service gets stuck on Starting, and
it can’t be stopped in Central Administration. This is apparently
a very common issue and I have even heard of people re-building SharePoint
Servers to fix the issue. But from my experience that’s not really necessary. First of all to stop the User Profile Synchronization Service you need to run a Powershell Command.
Open up Powershell on your SharePoint Server and type in the following command

Image Link:

This will list out all of the services on your SharePoint Server with their associated GUID’s. Copy the GUID for the User Profile Synchronization Service. Then run the following command to stop the User Profile Synchronization Service. Stop-spserviceinstance

Image Link :

Now go back into Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Service Applications and delete the User Profile Service
Application. Restart your server and set up
the User Profile Service Application again.

Error Message: CreateListLocation:: : An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 26, position 61.

Hi everyone,
We have updated versions of the product available for 2007 (version 2.4.50), 2010 (version 2.4.57), and 2013 (2.4.65) available now for download here:

Both the MSN and Yahoo weather feeds should be working correctly in all three versions.
We are still working on getting an update to the SharePoint App, but we hope to have that completed soon.
If you see any problems after updating to the new release, please let us know.
Thanks again for your patience and understanding while we worked through these issues.
Regards, Param

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