Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SharePoint site suddenly Read Only even for Administrators!

So at some point in time something had happened to our SharePoint 2010 server to cause what appeared to be a total lock down on the SharePoint sites.
It must have been something strange, something weird, who knows what but it resulted in is ALL users, even site administrators and users with full administrative rights unable to do anything!  Nobody could add new documents or edit documents; nearly every single Document or Library option is greyed out!
The fix it would seem is performed via the central administration website for your server.
  1. Central Administration -> Site Collection Quotas and Locks.
  2. Select your site collection
  3. Change the Site Lock Information radio button from “Read-only” to “Not locked”
  4. OK the changes
 SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Site Collection Quotas and Locks Read-only
You don’t even need to reboot or issue an iisreset command.

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