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Configure/ Setting up User Profile Service Application on SharePoint Server 2013

Hands-On-Lab: Setting up User Profile Service Application in SharePoint 2013

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013
Summary: Learn how to Configure User profile Service Application
information by using the SharePoint Server method. The User Profile service application stores information about users
in a central location. Social computing features use this information to enable productive interactions so that users can collaborate efficiently.
In order to provision My Sites, enable social computing features such as social tagging and newsfeeds, and create and distribute profiles across multiple
sites and farms, you must enable the User Profile service application. Date Description
Dec 10, 2014 Initial version

Configure User Profile Service Application on SharePoint Server 2013

Note: User Profile Service required Managed Metadata Service.
So first we will configure Managed Metadata Service Application. The user profile service provides out SharePoint farm with
all the social networking features plus more. It forms the basis of My Site support, User Profile Pages, Audiences and Social tagging.
Let’s start configuration. navigate to User Profile Server.
Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Service Manage Application >> Click on New >> Select User Profile Service Application.

Enter Name : User Profile Service Application
Application Pool Name : SharePoint – User Profile Service
I’ve used svcUPS account for Application Pool Identity.

I will keep User Profile database name as it is. It’s good practice to
change or add database name when you have two user profiles running in your SharePoint farm.

You can change User Profile Synchronization database name or keep as it is.

Click on Create.
Now we need to start User profile service from Manage Services on the server.
For that go to Central Admin >>Under System Service >> Manage Services on the server
first start User Profile Service then start User Profile Synchronization Service
It will ask you about your farm administrator accounts password.

User profile service will take 15-20 minutes to start.
This in turn, will correctly configure and start our ForeFront Identity Manager Windows Services (FIM).

Now we have to Reset IIS server.
Go to Run >> Type IISReset

Let’s Configure Synchronization Connection, for that navigate to
Central Administration >> Application Management >>
Manage Service Application >> User Profile Service >> Configure Synchronization Connection

Click on Create New Connection

Connection Name : AdSync
Forest Name : zsdev.com (Put name of your forest)
I’ve used svcAdSync service account. and enter password of that account.
Click on Populate Containers. and selected OU of your users you want to synchronize with User Profile Service.

Click OK.
Go back to User Profile Service and User Profile Synchronization under Synchronization Option.
Select “Start Full Synchronization

Once synchronization complete. You can go to User Profile Service Application >> People >> Manage User Profiles and can find users in Active Directory.

Conclusion: In this way, we have learned configuration of User Profile service application
on SP 2013. Configuring profile synchronization (or profile sync) is a process that involves many steps. This article divides the process into shorter phases,
both so that you can see progress and to reduce the number of steps through which you have to backtrack if you make an error.

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