Friday, October 31, 2014

What is the difference between iisreset, recycle, refresh and restart?

iisreset will stop and start the World Wide Web Publishing Service. This, of
course, applies to all of your application pools. I'm sure you noticed a
process being created for each application pool.
This process will handle requests for all websites associated with it.
When you recycle an application pool, IIS will create a new process
(keeping the old one) to serve requests.

Then it tries to move all requests on the new process. After a timeout the old process will be killed
automaticaly. You usualy recycle your application pool to get rid of leaked memory
(you might have a problem in your application if this needs to be a regular operation, even though
it is recommended to have a scheduled recycle). As for restarting a website,
it just stops and restarts serving requests for that particular website.
It will continue to serve other websites on the same app pool
with no interruptions.

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